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With all work being done in house, we aren't dependent on the schedules of outside services. 

This translates into lower costs and faster turn-around for you!


Silk Screening

This process is great for larger quantities requiring solid colors only.  It can take a bit longer as all art muct be converted to mesh screens that allow inks to pass through to make the image.  Finer work and detail can be challenging.


A much more "classy" look, embroidery takes your image and converts it into sewn patterns.  Naturally sewing requires threads that in most cases are solid colors so detail like highlights and shadows will be lost.  We offer up to 15 different colors at a time for your image.  There is usually a one time charge to convert your file to and embroidery file. 

embroidery 1.jpg
Printing Service

Direct To Film (DTF)

This is a newer process that we are excited to offer.  Unlike silk screen or embroidery, DTF uses special inks to provide long term wear (100 or more washings!) and allows us to retain the designed look of your logo.  Highlights and shadows are retained along with detail and an unlimited number of composite colors are available.  You are also not limited to fabric choices.


The upside of sublimation is that this process yields "crazy detail" as it is a heat dyed method that actually is absorbed into the fabric.  You can expect 100 or more washes without seeing any noticeable fade.  The downside is that it is limited to fabric containing at least 60% polyester and it does not print white so it is best used on white or light garments.  

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